what we do

At BLA we tune in on each Client's specific needs and desires.  We then evaluate those needs and maximize the aesthetic and functional possibilities of each site.  We are passionate about sustainable design utilizing native and adapted plant material that is low water, low maintenance, and fits within it's natural context.  We enjoy collaborating with clients, design teams, and municipalities from conception to completion. 

who we are

Will Blair, President of Blair Landscape Architecture, LLC is a licensed landscape architect, registration #2741, and LEED® Accredited Professional.  Our company values local communities, and Will has had the pleasure of serving on the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and is involved with several surrounding chambers, clubs, and associations. Will received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree at Texas A&M University and enjoys playing a major role in shaping landscapes across Texas. 

our goal

Our focus is to provide exceptional service and an extraordinary product.  We offer our clients the highest degree of responsiveness, informative guidance, and quality deliverables.  At Blair Landscape Architecture, LLC we will help you to envision, and design your property to it's full potential.